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The SIG SAUER 2400ABS Range Finder


The days of “range guesstimation” are long over, or in your case they should be. I will admit, being a traditional bowhunter for many years made me resist the idea of rangefinding technology being incorporated into my gear. Boy, was that wrong!

In my humble opinion, I since feel that having a quality rangefinder in your chest rig makes you a more conscientious hunter. So instead of guessing you now know precisely how far that critter is. Couple that with the knowledge of your weapon of choice’s ballistics, and you have the formula for success. In short, knowledge is power and yardage is everything. It gives us the information we need to either stalk closer, or take the shot. Just a few yards either side of that can spell a missed shot, or worst of all – a wounded animal.

So where is all this leading? I guess it’s leading to the fact that if you don’t have a quality rangefinder you should, and I have fallen in love with SIG’s rangefinders, specifically the 2400ABS. This rangefinder is a permanent fixture in my hand and the information it provides is priceless!

It’s the most powerful in class rangefinder you can buy and power is everything when it comes to ranging “soft/non-reflective” targets like game animals. Power equates to distance at which you can read a soft target. With the 2400ABS ranging a game animal at 1,300 yards is no problem. Reflective objects, like a rock or hillside an animal is standing on, no problem, I have gotten readings back from 2,200 yards. That’s well over the 1,760 yards in a mile!

In closing guys, if you don’t have a good rangefinder get one and I strongly suggest you check out all the options at SIG, you won’t be disappointed!


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