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Sheep Hunt Shut Down!!!

Add this one to the list of “piss poor” policy decisions coming out of this administration. On Tuesday, July 26 a committee of unelected bureaucrats chose to shut down Dall’s sheep hunting in two entire hunt units within the mostly federally managed Brooks Mountain Range in northern Alaska. Having hunted this area personally, I can honestly say, it is one of the most majestic and rugged locales on this continent. 

The Federal Subsistence Board (FSB) voted unanimously to “restrict hunting by all users for the Brooks Range Dall’s sheep on Federal public lands.” This affects Alaska hunt units 24A and 26B for the 2022-2024 wildlife regulatory cycle. 

Despite public and state opposition to the proposal, which clocked a more than 11:1 ratio against the restriction including the State Game and Fish Department and conservation groups such as SCI, the FSB board voted in favor of the restriction. 

For some time now, we have been hearing rumblings of this board being used by “Green” groups to eliminate hunting in Alaska and now I guess we have our answer to that question. 

After the prior administration opened up vast amounts of hunting, fishing and recreational access to the public on federal lands and wildlife refuges, it looks like this administration is working to reverse course on that objective. I have a feeling this is just the first of many decisions along these lines yet to come. 

There’s little question now, that our Federal government is actively working to attack our hunting heritage in this country. Just wait until they get the Sage Grouse listed onto the Endangered Species List. That could be their “Holy Grail.” We will keep you posted. 

Source: Safariclub.org

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  1. This should not be a surprise to any person who hunts. The Left will stop at NOTHING to destroy our way of life. Anyone who votes Democrat is a self-destructive idiot, especially a hunter. The Democratic Party of old is dead; it’s now the Liberal Socialist Communist Democrat Party of goofballs, crazies, criminals and fools. And, this is coming from someone who grew up in a Democrat-supporting family. No more! Wake up, hunters. Abolishing hunting is just the tip of the Left’s iceberg of lunacy. Get out and vote this November and in 2024 in numbers never seen before. Our entire way of life is on the line.

    • If this was not legislative, then it is entirely possible to have an injunction placed by a district court judge to en stop pending conclusive evaluation by the previous regulatory body biologist(s). In this case, Alaska. Since Federal biologists did not previously regulate the species a “hand picked (Read Biden picked) biologist” could not be assigned the evaluating surveys. In the interim, status quo on the hunting seasons. Federal law.

  2. What is the Federal Subsistence Board? Never heard of it. Is it related to Alaskan Indians? Are these hunts on a refuge? Think of the good news! It’ll allow rams to grow huge until a change of administration comes along and changes it back!

  3. Our Country is in serious trouble. Our good old days are gone…..just a memory on book pages. Vote wisely in November and moving forward. Fight and stand for what you believe in.

  4. Spence williams

    Can’t wait til they shut it all down, and leave society huddled in a corner with a pile of electronics and a jar of vaseline.

  5. Dean Birkeland

    We are all “Unelected Bureaucrats”. I declare those two units back open. So who’s to stop us from just going and hunting it anyway?

  6. FSB recently cancelled Caribou hunts in Northwest Alaska as well so this is not an isolated incident and is likely part of a much larger agenda as noted in this article.

  7. Death by a thousand paper cuts is their strategy on every front. Disrupt, Deflect, Deny, Destroy. It’s not just hunting, it’s control of everything.

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