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Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal Updated: EBJ 131

This time of year means two things… We’ve wrapped up our tag research and are anxiously awaiting the draw results over the coming weeks. This is the final MRS research issue until next hunting season, and we’ve done our absolute best to pack as much information as possible into this issue of EBJ. That said, there is simply no way we can put everything in print, but TagHub is another story!
Eastmans’ TagHub is loaded with more research information than we could fit in a dozen print issues, and it’s searchable, sortable and right at your fingertips 24-7! TagHub isn’t just for research, though. If you notice the little orange badges that flag almost every feature story in this issue proclaiming Expanded Digital Version on TagHub.Eastmans.com, that means that we’re offering you the features in full length, as the writers submitted them, for you to read digitally on any electronic device, including your phone!
If you’re getting Eastmans’ in print, you already have electronic access to the expanded versions of the Journals; all you need to do is log in with the email address you provided us when you subscribed. Don’t forget, you can always upgrade your Eastmans’ membership to TagHub Elite Annual Membership, to access exclusive first looks at all of our TV shows, Mike’s entire book library and, of course, be entered to win more hunts and get discounts on great gear!
Why so much emphasis on expanded digital content? Because we don’t want you to miss out on the amazing stories that our featured hunters share with you. If you’re not reading Eastmans’ Hunting Journals digitally as well as in print, then you’re not taking full advantage of what you’re paying for.
Speaking of top-tier content, in this issue we once again provide you with not only excellent stories, but we break down some of the best gear in the bowhunting world and explain what to be looking for as you’re getting your bow dialed and ready for September. Dan Pickar talks broadheads and arrows and walks you through how to create your most lethal setup yet.
This is our annual Spring Gear Tune-up Issue, and we’ve reviewed and highlighted products that will help you be more successful once autumn rolls around. Until then, get those reps in with your bow, hit those hills with your pack, chase some bears, find some sheds and maybe tag a gobbler! Any way you slice it, spring is a great time to get outside, and September will be here before you know it.
Good luck in the draws!
Todd Helms


About Ike Eastman

Ike Eastman is the President of Eastmans’ Publishing and oversees the daily operations of Eastmans’ Hunting TV, Eastmans’ Hunting and Bowhunting Journals, Eastmans’ Live Events including the Trophy Deer Tour, films in the fall and is hands-on in all facets of the company. Ike’s hunting knowledge and expertise has been shaped by more than 25 years of pursuing trophy big game across most of North America.

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