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Bow Hunting DANGEROUS GAME with a Recurve Bow!

This bow hunting video features hunts for polar bear, grizzly bear, musk ox and bison. This is up close and personal traditional bow hunting! Eastmans’ subscriber Mark Smith has bow hunted for polar bear, grizzly bear, musk ox, bison and more with his recurve bow. Bow hunting with a traditional recurve bow means instinctive shooting.

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  1. Nothing but respect, the hard way the Barta way !

  2. Oh my! This guy is a terrible shot. I got sick watching this and I’ve been trad bow hunting for 45 years. 2 polar bears myself and this is t how we did it. Chasing with dogs? Not fair chase and the guide should be ashamed. This is the type of hunter that shoots wildly and wounds animals. Very surprised the guide allowed taking this sub adult bear. Ugly for hunting.

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