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Closing the distance! Bow hunting Montana elk

Eastmans’ Elevated podcast host Brian Barney goes DIY bow hunting elk in Montana. He’s hunting in October as the elk rut is winding down. It’s a public land grind, but after several close encounters Brian closes the deal on a nice 6-point bull in this Eastmans’ Hunting TV episode.

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Off Season Bowhunting

Do you want to become a better bowhunter and produce consistent trophies with stick and string? If this describes you, this offseason is your chance to become more efficient and really improve your skills. Pick a sport – the guys that choose to work on their jump shot, work on …

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Hunting Mule Deer Like a Pro

Big mule deer are some of the toughest, most prized trophies out West. They live from the desert to the mountain peaks and everywhere in between. They are wily and have great instincts to stay one step ahead of hunters. Big mature bucks learn how to survive and have a …

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The 10 Percenters

We have all heard 10% of hunters harvest 90% of the game. It seems to be true as we see the same guys being successful year after year. The odds of this happening on luck are astronomical so what is the secret? While I don’t think it’s just one thing …

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The Art of the Day Hunt

It’s getting into late season for us bow guys and if you are anything like me, you have probably burned most of your vacation and sick days. Now you’re down to maybe a free day here or there. With the limited time of a single day, you may wonder if …

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Finding the Perfect Hunting Partner

As the old Special Forces adage goes, “Two is one, one is none.” meaning without a buddy watching your back you’re done.  While it’s not the exact same as having a good hunting buddy, I would say they are definitely similar. When you have someone you train with, hunt with …

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Driven: Bowhunting 365

  You get out of hunting what you put into it.  The harder you work, the more you endure, the better you will get. The better you get the more consistent results you will have. When you get a chance at a big buck or big bull and have prepared …

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Truck Camping for Success

Knowing the right ways use your truck while hunting vast tracks of land can be a huge benefit. Nearly all of us hunters own a truck, but are you using it to its full potential? Now, I am not saying to drive around and hope that monster buck or bull …

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