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Stay Safe: Be Alert In Bear Country!

Every fall our staff spends time in the field reviewing products, using gear, and of course, filming our hunts. I wasn’t surprised to see a picture come through of another bull who had fallen to a Savage rifle. The text that ...


Southern Colorado Antelope Hunt With Guy Eastman!

Not much is better than hunting pronghorn antelope in their high desert homes on the prairie. Guy Eastman harvests a great buck in this webisode and takes you along for ride. Will you be antelope hunting this fall?

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Highway Robbery In The Desert!

As much as I enjoy fall and seeing all the pictures of the exceptional deer and elk that come through our office, as well as my own time in the field, there is one thing that irritates me to no end. Poaching! The great highway ...

Mule Deer Scoring

How To Score Your Mule Deer!

It is very likely that the last time you sat on a high country ridge talking about the score of a mule deer across the basin you called it a specific class of buck. Most of us do our best to judge the size of our trophies consi...


The Best of Eastmans’ Trophy Antelope Hunts!

Pronghorn antelope are a species that define a fun hunt and for many hunters who venture to the West, their first public land, western big game animal. To celebrate the rifle antelope opener here in Wyoming we have put together...


68 Feet of Antler and Counting!

It is not often that we have content in the journals that defies the odds of what is statistically possible to kill. The past year has been one of the best for trophy quality that I can ever recall. With the quality of animals ...

Death By Grizzly Bear

Death By Grizzly Bear!

The only reason I am even going to bring this up is because this issue is so close to home. A grizzly bear was euthanized after it attacked and consumed (i.e. ATE) a Yellowstone Park employee. This has drawn plenty of attention...

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WYG&F Broke?

“The wolves, cougars and grizzly bears start to take a few more elk and moose each year as their unchecked populations grow and expand. The state does not react at first with cuts in the tag quotas. This would mean a decr...

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Preserving Antler Velvet In The Field!

Have you ever harvested a buck or bull that was still in velvet but weren’t sure how to preserve the velvet for a mount? This video tip will answer all of your questions on how to preserve the velvet in the field!

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600 Inch Deer

Which Would You Rather? A 600″ deer. I’m pretty sure I read that correctly. I have no idea of the origins of the text or the photo, but from the looks of it, the deer seems like it could be about 600″, not lik...