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newsletter 6 15 CO landowner tag

Is Your Colorado Landowner Tag Valid?

BUYER BEWARE! With the Colorado big game draw results finally posted, many unsuccessful hunters are now faced with the impending reality of looking for a landowner voucher in hopes of hunting the Centennial state this fall. If...

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Don’t Starve in The Backcountry: Freeze Dried Meals

No matter what your style of hunting I would be willing to bet that if I ran into you on the trail you would probably have some type of food in your pack. Backpack hunters carry a stash of food that has to last for the entirety...

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Wyoming Draw Deadline Looms…Are You In?

The spring season is coming to a close and we are nearing the dog says of summer. Some might view this time of year as the longest most boring days for a hunter. The end of spring bear season is here and there really isn’...


Elk, Elk, and more Elk!

We know most of you suffer from the same affliction that we have, we just can’t get enough of these animals! Elk fill the Rocky Mountains every fall with bugles, chirps and the occasional show down between mature bulls. P...

Public Land Selloff

Public Land Sell Off

70%. Let that number sink in for a few seconds before you go on reading this. Rarely, if ever do we find majority numbers like this, and yet this number is something that our elected officials need to remember. 70% of the hunte...

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Crazy Politics of Wyoming Wildlife!

  Legislative season is here in Wyoming and once again we have a bill that died in committee which attempted to start a preference point system for residents. We already have a point system for trophy species such as Bigh...


More Grizzlies In Montana?

  As it stands now the uber left green groups are at it again, but this time their proposed transplants are a bit closer to home than California or the Grand Canyon. This time they want Grizzlies transplanted into the Bitt...


Webisode 1: Wyoming Elk with Guy Eastman

Press play to join Guy Eastman for his 2011 DIY Wyoming elk hunt!

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Stop The Poaching Insanity!

There must have been something in the water this hunting season in Montana! Wait a minute, it isn’t just Montana, it has happened everywhere across the West. Montana has just been unlucky enough to have two major poaching inc...

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Unlocking The Vault- Classic Footage and YouTube Exclusives!

  2015 marks the start of something new and of course exciting in the digital world here at Eastmans’! We will be digging through the archives, to find our best hunts from the past and sharing them with you! Once a month...