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newsletter 1 16 mex wolves

Mexican Wolves in Colorado

Here it comes Colorado! The feds are considering transplanting the small-statured Mexican wolves in the Centennial State to help the endangered species. Most of you probably knew this was headed your way, but we probably wouldn...

Brother's Keeper

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

When Cain killed Abel he had the audacity to ask God if he was his brother’s keeper. Many hunters have probably done the same thing over the years, turning a blind eye when one of their brothers or hunting buddies have commit...

newsletter 12 15 Grizzley Bear battle

Grizzly Bear Battle

This should get sticky real fast. The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has been in contact with the Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana game management agencies about getting ready for a potential delisting of…grizzly bea...

newsletter 11 15 buffalo way

Going The Way Of The Buffalo

Bison have never been a species that have made me lose sleep over draw results. 200-inch mule deer and mature bull elk tend to be the species that I spend most of my time day-dreaming about. Mike harvested a freezer full of bis...

newsletter 11 15 public wildlife theft

Public Wildlife Theft!

All of us as hunters need to take a long hard look at a press release that the Wyoming Game and Fish just came out with. Four out of ten vehicles that observed and passed a decoy buck in an area west of the Tetons ended up with...

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Change Is In The Air: MRS Updates

CHANGE IS IN THE AIR- And here we go again! The MRS research season is already breathing down our neck again. A few of the states have made and continue to make changes to their systems and draw processes as they struggle to ma...


Preserving Your Trophy Cape!

Every year we meet hunters who are excited to head West on their first western hunting experience. After a little conversation a question usually arises about meat care and how to properly take care of a cape. Press play to see...

newsletter 10 15 paraglider

Terror In The Skies: Wildlife Harrassment

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and wonder where common sense went when I read headlines or in this instance when I see an event unfold. Mike and I were scouting antelope in southern Colorado the day before the season op...

newsletter 10 15 bear

Stay Safe: Be Alert In Bear Country!

Every fall our staff spends time in the field reviewing products, using gear, and of course, filming our hunts. I wasn’t surprised to see a picture come through of another bull who had fallen to a Savage rifle. The text that ...


Southern Colorado Antelope Hunt With Guy Eastman!

Not much is better than hunting pronghorn antelope in their high desert homes on the prairie. Guy Eastman harvests a great buck in this webisode and takes you along for ride. Will you be antelope hunting this fall?