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New Mule Deer Book Photos

Holy Velvet Antlers! Which set goes with which buck? I was out taking photos yesterday of bucks that travel from public to private land for the new book. In the book I have a section on tactics for hunting these travelers.


Here a couple of those bucks I filmed yesterday heading out of private to public land to spend the day in a hole somewhere. Will have these photo in the full color signed and number first edition










Here is the cover of my new Mule Deer Book coming out in November. The first 2500 will be all color with hundreds of photos and I will personally number and sign them.

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  1. Those are some cool photos Mike. What part of the country are they from?

  2. Just received your new mule deer book mike. only 50 pages into it but clear it’s destined to be a classic. Stands with your original mule deer book and a few jack o’connor works I own.

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