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Hunting Elk In Colorado With Mike Eastman

Hunt for a post rut bull with Mike Eastman in Colorado. Watch Eastman harvest a trophy bull to close-out a lifetime of DIY elk hunting. He’s no stranger to trophy elk and his final harvest doesn’t disappoint on this web edition of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. With his son Guy Eastman behind the camera, this father-son hunt is one the Eastmans will never forget.

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  1. Gloria Jean Moore

    It was an honor to meet you Mike. What a great bull to end your elk hunting career.

  2. Wow great bill. I have followed Mike for over 30 years has been an inspiration to me in my outdoor life

  3. Good stuff Mike. Last Bull. I’m about the same age as you with 2 sons about your boys age that I’ve instilled the Hunt into them. I’ve hunted Nevada for about 56 years and now my body parts are failing. I want to go once more. Well maybe. Enjoy your retirement.

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