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Top 5 Things To Take Away From The Corona Experience


The Top 5 Things To Take Away From Our Corona Experience – And How To Be Prepared For Them In The Future

Your world, no matter where you are in the US, probably feels different than a month ago. With virtually all large gatherings, schools, and business shut down across the nation you are probably reading this at home and likely self quarantined. The Corona Virus unlike a natural disaster is difficult to wrap our heads around. First off, its invisible and potentially asymptomatic in people for a longer period of time. Second, it takes days, weeks, even months to tangibly see the destruction it’s caused, so the now feels normal. Natural disasters are more predictable and very apparent-in and out and we pick up the pieces, but this particular catastrophe is like a butt whipping that last months, who knows, maybe years.

As we sit and contemplate the world around us, here’s 5 things we should take away from this experience.

1. “Preparedness too late is panic too soon.” Many of you saw the lines of Americans stock piling toilet paper and paper towels, hell you might have been one of them. The memes and posts, went viral around this phenomenon. The masses were called freaks, losers, paranoid crazies… but what if you did this in advance-ahead of a pandemic, disaster, catastrophe, then what would you be? Prepared is the answer… let’s not wait until the next “thing” to stock pile essentials and staples.

2. “Family and friends first.” As we get stripped down of our luxuries and even freedoms, we start to watch some of the things we spent time and energy on-wasting away. The bar, restaurants, the club, the game, all fine and dandy, but for the first time you might be looking at the walls in your home thinking-“what do I do now?” That’s where family and friends is important in a time of crisis. We start to realize maybe for the first time what we can live with, and without. Use the time to reconnect or maintain relationships with family and friends

3. “Your body is a gym.” I’ll never forget reading a book written by an elite Pararescueman that described creative ways to push your own body weight to get fit. I used this book because I found myself in desolate and remote places throughout my travels and needed a gym and that gym was me. Push, pull, core, calisthenics, yoga, this time is a great time to kick start your fitness using literally what you are made of.

4. “Nest Egg.” A nest egg is a buffer between you and untold circumstances. For the first time you may be looking at your own nest egg and determining your buffer zone. If you haven’t managed your nest egg properly-now is a great time to start. Doing your finances, consolidating debt, even getting rid of crap you don’t need is all reinforcing your nest egg.

5. “Love Thy Neighbor.” Yea it’s easy to say, hell most of us don’t know our neighbors let alone like or love them. This is the time for us to come together as a community and help each other through a difficult time. Many people will lose jobs, businesses, even family and friends to what’s taking place. If you are prepared, if you’re better off, it’s a good time to help your neighbor and your community. Give blood, donate time, knock on your neighbor’s door and offer a helping hand.

I hope these few things can help give you a better perspective and offer a little organization in a complex and confusing time.

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  1. Spot on Todd.

  2. Spot on Mike.

  3. What book did you read that explained Bodyweight workouts?

  4. Very good information. Thank you.

  5. Do you recall the name of the book you reference in your item #3?

  6. Eric Anderson

    Great advice. I haven’t bought one roll of TP in 2020. Costco had a sale last Christmas and I bought a Costco pack for each bathroom. No where close to running out. 3 months worth of bills in savings, and 5 cases of wine and 1 case of whiskey should get me anything else I need.
    A sharp knife. Some cordage. Clean water, whiskey, and gunpowder, in that order.

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