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Public land ram!

Go bow hunting for a bighorn sheep ram during the rut in the Missouri Breaks of Montana. This is a once-in-a-lifetime hunt that many hunters dream of! On this web episode of Eastmans’ Hunting TV, Dan Pickar joins Eastmans’ subscriber Jake Popp as he battles the mud to arrow a …

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Stalking the Herd Bull

The elusive herd bull. He doesn’t want to fight. He’ll bugle then push his cows away from you. He’s unpredictable. Not only are herd bulls mature and wise, they are usually the biggest bulls in the area. Getting into bow range is hard enough, let alone getting a shot and …

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How Many Grizzly Attacks Is Enough?

One of the most interesting and controversial topics we face as conservationists is the management of the grizzly bear. Unfortunately for us, grizzly bear management is 100% political. The lawsuits based on the emotions of environmental groups resulting in federal judges striking down management plans based on facts and numbers …

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Bear Baiting Vs. Spot and Stalk Bear Hunting

Most western hunters know and agree that managing predators is very important when it comes to the North American model of wildlife management. Bears play a big role in the predator pie chart for fawn and calf predation and there are many studies out there that show this. That specifically …

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Montana’s New Elk Management Plan

  Montana FWP released a plan to gather 10-12 individuals to serve on a citizen group to provide guidance for the new Elk Management Plan in Montana. According to FWP, the group will be tasked with developing an issue statement about elk management and define meaningful and enduring principles that …

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Hunting Industry’s Worst Nightmare?

As we have seen more strict lockdown procedures in recent days many states are not allowing nonresident hunting and fishing. Not only could this be bad for hunters and fisherman, this also trickles down to local economies being hit which include outfitters, guides, local hotels, restaurants and other tourism based …

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