A Lifetime With Weatherby Rifles

Posted August 24, 2017 by Scott Reekers in Rifles

By my own admission, I am a fan of Weatherby rifles. I own two of them and that says something because my gun safe is far from full. That is by choice – when I have a few models that perform well I keep them and use them for the life of the rifle.

My Vanguard model chambered in .30-06 is a prime example. I got it the fall I turned 14 and it was the first rifle I ever used to draw blood on a big game animal. The stock is showing its age and the barrel may need some bluing after 20 years of hard western Wyoming use and abuse, but it is still a shooter.

My second rifle was another Weatherby, a Mark V chambered in the famous, flat-shooting .300 Weatherby Mag. That rifle gave me the ability for the first time to see why big game hunters have fallen in love with the magnum cartridges. Several bulls have been center-punched with this gun and its blistering 180 grain bullet, and in the process I have become a fan of the round.

This rich history with Weatherby rifles out on the range is why I jumped at the opportunity to shoot and do a video review of two brand new rifles from Weatherby, both chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor.

First out of the box was the Mark V Accumark, which made shooting and sighting in an easy task. The adjustable trigger broke very nice and as a backcountry hunter this would be a lightweight, smooth-actioned rifle that I would have no problem reaching for over and over again.

The second new rifle from Weatherby was their affordable Vanguard model. Rifles in this price point can get knocked as cheap or low-quality performers. Not the Vanguard. I had it on paper in short order with a freshly mounted scope and was dialing it in after four shots. I was impressed and it still had the familiar smooth action I grew up with.

I have spent 20 plus years hunting with and shooting Weatherby rifles, here’s to 20 more years of enjoying a quality rifle!

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    Kirly Bjorum

    My Mark 5 .270 was givin to me by my Dad when I moved to Wyoming in 1975, because he said I needed a larger caliber then the .243 Win.he gave me when I was 14 yrs old. That year I harvested my first elk, and many more since. That rifle was built the same year I was born. 1954! It also had a Weatherby Scope on it and I hated to, but I put a new scope on it this year. Just three rounds, with the new scope, and it was zeroed in.

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