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onXmaps 3.0 New Mapping System

Every hunter is responsible for knowing his or her location on a landscape. The onXmaps Hunt 3.0 app is the latest tool to help hunters pinpoint land ownership boundaries. It also features road, recreation and even weather mapping. For more great mapping tips make sure your subscription is current to read more on mapping techniques in the August/September issue of Eastmans’ Hunting Journal.

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  1. Philip LeBlanc

    I’ve used a purchased mini USB card in the past, that showed this information ony GPS unit. How well does this new unit work as it’s based on a cell phone which requires cell service? My concern would be to get into a remote area where I have no service and the app becomes useless for me..?

    • With minimal planning, you have nothing to fear regarding cell service. I downloaded the Montana Premium maps and used them with my buddies last year during our hunt out there. If you follow the directions for pre-caching the maps on your phone in the area you’ll be hunting and with the layers you want to use, cell service won’t matter. The phone can still track your location and the maps will still work just fine. We were out of cell range a lot of the time, and when using “field mode” – which is specifically designed for that situation – we had no problems monitoring land boundaries. Pre-caching maps/layers does eat up a lot of storage space, so be sure you have the room on your phone set aside to do this.

      • Philip LeBlanc

        Very good, that sounds like a winner then. Thank you for the information and for the quick reply. Best regards, phil.

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