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Kryptek Giveaway

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  1. Entered twice, praying it worked!!!

  2. Awesome camo,can’t beat the quality.

  3. Kings camo has failed me

  4. Super kewl stuff!

  5. Out of the negatives comes a positive: I didn’t know much about Kryptek other than it’s another up and coming camo pattern. I’ve spent $$$’s on others but it wasn’t until the controversy about UnderArmour dumping Sarah Bowmar for her husband’s legal spear kill of a black bear that I realized maybe I should look into the background of companies where I spend my hard earned cash.

    I love the stories of the startups like Sitka and KUIU but Kryptek is where I am finally landing since these men have already shown their mettle by defending our country. I knew there had to be more to the story of why guys I opfor with like Kryptek. Now I know.

  6. this can’t be real giving stuff like this away. Thanks for the chance

  7. Awesomeness

  8. Ronald M. Morton

    Great looking gear!

  9. Dustin Hubbard

    Looks warm

  10. When does the contest end?

  11. stephen lueckert

    want I do


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