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Colorado Point Creep in 2021? You better believe it!

I read astounding numbers on Colorado’s big game applicants in the primary draw this year. There has been an increase of almost 75,000 applicants in 2021 compared to 2020!!!

Sky-Hi News reported that according to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), an increase of 74,593 applicants in the primary hunting draw was recorded in 2021 versus 2020.

All of us have been bewildered about point creep in the draws out West. This little statistic sure doesn’t help the overall sentiment on point creep. I’m one of those guys that is in the middle of the pack, i.e. no man’s land, as far as drawing Colorado tags goes. Too few points to draw a blue chip unit, and too much of a point investment to apply for a unit requiring just a couple of points.

Here is a breakdown of the species applied for and the % increase in applicants for each:

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  1. Clearly shows hunting is in crisis. No one hunts anymore, the numbers of hunters is dropping like a rock and we need to do everything possible to open more hunting stores, make more 24-7 Outdoor hunting channels, and massively promote hunting products ! It’s the only way to decrease demand for tags. The numbers of hunters must be almost zero, since it’s getting easier to obtain tags. And the number of game must be increasing ever faster ! It all adds up, right? Makes sense ? With everyone leaving the hunting activity tags are plentiful and States are eliminating these “drawing games” they play ? Let’s all say 1 thing then the opposite so as not to confuse things ? I wonder if a dramatically increasing population will improve things going forward, and large increases in Western states populations. I kind of doubt that a 40 million increase in population in last 20 year’s has any effect at all? The increases in land helps as well, we are gaining lots of new land to hunt that drives down the draw points, and makes it easier and easier to get a tag every year. It all makes perfect sense !

    • Agreed! We have to do something now! All hunters will be dead in 20 years. Maybe we could try youth hunting promotions or something.

  2. So how many of those applicants just applied for points and don’t plan on hunting in CO this year?

  3. Save a animal…. shoot a liberal/democrat

  4. Paul E NAVARRE

    The Colorado Pay Later System started two years ago has contributed to a massive increase in those applying for limited licenses. Why not apply when you do not have to front the money until you draw.

    • William Wood

      Thats spot on. Should have to pay to play. Colorado is a greedy state when it comes hunting. I have 19 points at 60 years old. If I continue for a blue chip I might be 75 to draw an elk. Hope I am in shape enough.


        I have 22 points – still don’t know if I’ll draw this year. I’m not getting any younger either I’m 68.

  5. Stop applying for “Yellowstone park tags”! The western states have a racket going for themselves. Real hunting is not waiting years to go hunting; get the over-the-counter tag and compete with your fellow hunter!

  6. Enough with the “fake news” yall.. point creep is a myth and should not be a problem unless you’re playing the game of oh yeah I’m building points and it’s impossible to get a tag.. keep it up cuz there’s no excuse why you should be missing out on a great hunt with an awesome point system that makes it fair for everyone and gives you the opportunity to plan for your hunt knowing which year you’re guaranteed the tag. Just gotta understand how it works

  7. I’ve been applying for an elk tag in Colorado so long I can’t remember why I’m sending them money every year . ( that’s a joke of course ) but if your out of state start applying as soon as you can walk . That’s not a joke. I’m not sure witch is going up faster the point creep or the tag fee’s. The western states are bank rolling their game departments mostly on the out of staters wallets. So if want a premium tag start applying young save plenty of money be patient your going to neen it .

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