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Tips And Tactics: Proper Trigger Pull

  The art of properly pulling the trigger of a rifle takes practice and often times many years of it to master the art. Watch as Guy Eastman and Dan Turvey walk through trigger pull and help you make the shot count when th...


How To Secure A Rest Cable

Being able to set up your own brand new bow is always a good thing! Follow along as Eastmans’ staff writer, Brian Barney, properly serves in a rest cable.

newsletter 7 15 conservation vs regulation (1)

Conservation Vs. Regulation

Most of us can agree that conservation is not regulation. If you find yourself in a slight state of confusion over the two, here is the fundamental difference. Conservation resides in the world of “yes” and regulati...


Sighting In Your Rifle!

All of us love the idea of a new rifle or a new scope, but when push comes to shove to there is still a lot of work that goes into making it function properly. From developing an effective load, to mounting a scope, or sighting...

newsletter 7 15 hunting bonds

Hunting Bonds Tied In Ribbon

By Brandi Gideon Just because a woman marries someone who hunts doesn’t mean that’s how she got her start! Take myself for example; I married a hunter but my hunting experience started long before I met my husband. Currentl...