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Eastmans’ Classic Footage: Non-Typical Bull Elk!

Years ago I had the opportunity to film these bulls on my way through Jackson. Are you a fan of non-typical elk? -Mike Eastman

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Of Wolves, Bears, and Birds

On a scrabble board the word regret will only yield you seven measly points, but in real life regret can come with an enormous price tag. In 1991 when my phone rang in my Indiana dorm room the voice on the other end of the line...

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Slow and Steady! EHJ Feature Story Preview!

Press play to listen to a preview of one of the great feature stories from this year’s sheep issue! Click the banner below to subscribe digitally and receive instant access to the largest western hunting publication on th...

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Zeiss Victory SF 10×42

So, one of the questions I get the most is, “What bino’s and/or spotter should I get?” Well there are a lot of great choices out there and it seems that each top-end manufacturer has their benefits. This year while at the...


The Gutless Method: Boning Out The Shoulder

In part three of our series on the gutless method for field dressing big game animals find out how to break down the front shoulder. Press play to watch and see how prep for the heave packout. Want more on the gutless method? C...