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DIY European Mount!

Have you ever wanted to make your own European mount but weren’t sure where to start?  Check out this great video to give you a start!   For more great content subscribe HERE.

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Montana Spring Bear Hunt!

Join Dan Pickar as he takes his first spring black bear! If you would like more great Eastmans’ content SUBSCRIBE HERE.


2014 Could Be A Very Good Year!

Tall, wide and heavy is what every hunter dreams of finding when it comes to antlers on elk and deer. Sure, some of us like other characteristics but I would be hard pressed to find a hunter who wouldn’t pull the trigger on a...


Tips and Tactics: The Zeiss Conquest HD5 With Rapid Z Reticle

Are you in the market for a new rifle scope?  Take a look at the Zeiss Conquest HD 5 with the Rapid Z reticle.  We promise you won’t be disappointed! For more great tips and tactics, gear reviews and hunting stories cli...

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Eastmans’ Gear Lab- Backcountry Stoves

Welcome to the new Eastmans’ Gear Lab! Every issue(EHJ and EBJ) we will review three similar crossover products. Crossover products are pieces of gear that most hunters use but don’t come from hunting based manufact...