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Packing a Yeti To Keep Ice Longer!

Have you ever wanted to keep ice in your cooler longer but weren’t sure how? Watch this video to find out!

Public Land

Is Public Land Set to Be Sold?

Public land and the Rocky Mountain West are tied together. When hunters from the East think of coming West their first question is often, “How hard is it to plan my own hunt on public land?” The tone in Washington D.C. has ...

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What’s the Best State to Live in to Take B&C Animals?

So, if you could live anywhere, and maybe in this age you can, what western state should you move to for the best shot at taking a trophy room full of Boone & Crockett trophies? Before you read on or look at the chart to th...

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DIY European Mount!

Have you ever wanted to make your own European mount but weren’t sure where to start?  Check out this great video to get you going!   For more great Eastmans’ content subscribe HERE.

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Montana Spring Bear Hunt!

Join Dan Pickar as he takes his first spring black bear! If you would like more great Eastmans’ content SUBSCRIBE HERE.