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Moose Hunting The Yukon

  Join Mike as he jet boats up and through steep rapids into unhunted territory to find a huge Alaskan Yukon moose during the rut. For more great content SUBSCRIBE HERE.


Eastmans Firepit: Artificial Intelligence Stopping Poachers?

Using artificial intelligence to help stop poachers… Is this a solution to stopping poachers? Good pic of wolverine found… This wolverine was tracked from Colorado for a few years until the battery died in his track...


2016 Hoyt Defiant 2016 Bow Review

Bowhunter and Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal associate editor, Dan Pickar, reviews this year’s Hoyt Defiant bow for 2016 and contrasts it with last year’s Hoyt Nitrum Turbo. All the differences are in our YouTub...


EASTMANS FIREPIT Is the Region G Deer Herd Recovering?

Jackson area Elk and Mule Deer Populations Maintaining 11k count… Members of the Environmental Equality Council want grizzlies taken off endangered species list.  Good info on wolf and grizzly populations in MT and the...


Late Season Bulls- A Dying Art

The Elk Issue has always been one of my favorite issues of EHJ. As a teenager I was a certifiable elknut, even though I wasn’t very good at it as a teen. Believe it or not, I didn’t draw a limited quota elk hunt in Wyoming ...