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The Eastmans’ MRS Annual- Your Source For Hunting Research!

For those of you familiar with the MRS (Members’ Research Section) you’ll need little explanation when I say it’s all finally bound inside one cover! If there’s been one request that I have repeatedly received it’s, W...

newsletter 11 15 HUNT WINNER

The Eastmans’ Hunt Winner Experience!

To win a hunt with my brother, Guy Eastman, here’s what you need to know. First, you have to be a current EHJ (trophy mule deer hunt) or EBJ (trophy elk hunt) subscriber. Second, for each gift subscription you give, you&#...

newsletter 11 15 buffalo way

Going The Way Of The Buffalo

Bison have never been a species that have made me lose sleep over draw results. 200-inch mule deer and mature bull elk tend to be the species that I spend most of my time day-dreaming about. Mike harvested a freezer full of bis...

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Sportsman’s Warehouse Black Friday Sale!

Sportsman’s Warehouse has over 60 locations where to take advantage of their Black Friday Sale! Deals like these won’t last forever, and I know where I will be finishing my Christmas shopping list. -Ike


Whitetail Deer Thanksgiving Rut Hunt

Whitetail deer aren’t typically what Guy Eastman hunts in November, but several seasons ago he had the opportunity to hunt them at Thanksgiving. The rut was in full swing and the deer were moving, press play to see how th...