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Choices, Choices, Choices: Picking the Right Spotting Scope!

Some call me crazy, others just call me a backpack hunter. This past fall I harvested a 6×6 bull six miles into the backcountry where it turned out my partner and I were the only ones hunting the area on foot. All of the o...


The Gutless Method: Removing The Backstrap

If you are new to hunting the West there isn’t anything more intimidating than breaking down an elk for the packout for the first time. Press play for step by step instructions on removing backstraps using the gutless met...


More Grizzlies In Montana?

  As it stands now the uber left green groups are at it again, but this time their proposed transplants are a bit closer to home than California or the Grand Canyon. This time they want Grizzlies transplanted into the Bitt...

newsletter 1 15 Northern Mule Deer Imgration

Northern Wyoming Mule Deer Migration!

Back when I was outfitting, my brother had a camp in the Bridger Teton Wilderness north of Jackson. I guided in many of the drainages there and got to know that area very well. In the early 70’s they had a large population of...


Webisode 1: Wyoming Elk with Guy Eastman

Press play to join Guy Eastman for his 2011 DIY Wyoming elk hunt!