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Has the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission gone completely off the rails?

If you are not aware of some of the latest controversial policies and directives of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department; overhunting a struggling mule deer herd into oblivion during the late season is, well, just the beginning of the story. 

On the first day of February the Wyoming Game and Fish department was tipped off to an apparent wolf capture going on by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission inside Wyoming’s borders! Needless to say, this is a huge, and I mean HUGE no-no. When it comes to wildlife issues, states are almost treated as their own sovereign nations and to have one state conducting wildlife operations inside another state’s borders without a very detailed plan and agreement in place is, let’s just say, highly frowned upon. Particularly when it comes to situations as controversial as unauthorized wolf reintroductions. 

The incident occurred while a CPW team was attempting to capture and collar a wolf inside the northernmost reaches of the state of Colorado with a helicopter, a tranquilizing dart and a net gun. A pretty standard procedure here in northern Wyoming, but new to the Colorado CPW. Apparently, the darted wolf frantically ran into “enemy” territory toward possible safety and across the state line about one third of a mile into Platte Valley, Wyoming, therefore making it now a Wyoming wolf, and the latest reports suggest the wolf originated in northwest Wyoming. Not to mention a Wyoming wolf inside the predator zone where wolves can be hunted 24/7 with no license required.  

The CPW continued their wolf capture, where the wolf was finally run down, collared and released back into Carbon County, Wyoming. The Wyoming Game and Fish was quickly notified of these troubling developments, but could not respond before the wolf was released about one third of a mile inside Wyoming’s borders. 

The Wyoming Game and Fish Director has since contacted the Director of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission regarding the details and possible legalities of the incident. There’s no telling what might come from the situation at this time, but you can rest assured, that the state of Colorado is very, very serious about wolf reintroduction and the folks in southern Wyoming will surely be less than pleased at these latest developments. 

We will have more on the details of wolf reintroduction in the state of Colorado soon.

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  1. The rich and the desperate attention seekers rule. F&G is gov owned and controlled by the same city dwellers. Our votes are outnumbered due to this voting structure. Every wolf fed or born is another 5-10 starving children that could have been fed. People must suffer and die for these wolf lovers to feel good about themselves. Sounds like definition of humanitarian per the new Democrat Webster dictionary.

    If you don’t own property you have no vote. Abolish 19th amendment so the lonely and homely cannot further destroy this country.

    I dislike making it political but the people making these decisions drew first blood with their ineptitude towards the eco using cancel culture if you do not bow to them.


    • I couldn’t agree more. Their ideas and brainwashing; through schools, media, and more, are spreading like a virus. It’s the dumbing down of America.

      • COVID-19 is just a practice virus. Wait till they unleash the virus that kills the middle aged. China will turn these liberals and children into their slaves.

  2. I need more of an explanation. Platt County, Wyoming is NOT on the border with Colorado.

  3. An average person doing the same thing as the CPW would be charged with felony harassing wildlife…for any Wyoming law enforcement out there. Now we know why even wolves don’t want to go to Colorado, even with legalized marijuana, they have to be illegally trapped and trafficked against their will.

  4. Fellas – it doesn’t matter ! Go watch a Hollywood actor be something that entertains you faking or imitating things is where it’s at , TV or movies need to fill ur life. Or go watch an NFL star for entertainment.

    Worrying about wildlife does not involve you – it’s not ur concern or for you to say anything! You have no say or voice – fact !

    Go Plug a computer for enjoyment or go bowling or play some made up fabricated game with rules that everyone agrees to, baseball football, golf – whatever. Throw a ball thru a basket 10 feet not 15 feet and u get 2 points – I’ll pay u 30 million to do it !!

    Hunting is a game of the “past” for nostalgia and myth ! It’s for Cro-Magnon or Nethanderal prehistoric man.

    Introduce apex predators in high numbers and Hunters don’t need to hunt or own weapons either !

    Get rid of mountain lion hunting, then bears, then CWD deer hunting, introduce more non-native wolves, grizzly, cut elk tags, eliminate trapping (Colorado), do not introduce bison (used to be 60 million but no one insists on historic reintroduction WHY?) pay wildlife officials huge money for their wildlife degrees and they never step a foot into the wild or really do anything to stave off mass stupidity.

  5. Why haven’t they brought the timber caribou back as well? Comi Washington state used to have quite a herd. The wolves killed them off and now have killed 70% of the moose herd in NE wa. Then 30% of the blue mountain trophy bull elk herd in SE wa. Wolves have chased moose out of Idaho into our area in the blues. They last a season then are killed by the wolves.

    The wrong herds are being destroyed. The ignorant and arrogant herd needs thinned.

    • Herdbull you’ll right about which herds should go! I’d be honored to join you on that one! Roundball-Alias -Dave “radical” Junk

      • Patience and persistence. These idiots will start fighting each other for their thirst of power. We will be there to help their aiming. Windage and elevation says JW.

  6. Michael K. Butler

    Did they really chase a wolf over 70 miles over state line? Something is very wrong here!

  7. B. Alan Vencill

    Colorado will see the same thing oregon has which is to see deer numbers tank. In the time oregon has had wolves in the northeast part of the state it is a treat to see a mule deer. The wolves and bears and cougars will wreck havoc on the deer numbers and then start in on the elk.


  9. DENVER – Colorado Parks and Wildlife has placed a GPS tracking collar on a wolf in the north-central part of the state. The wolf was confirmed in late January when it was seen with M1084 – a VHF-collared male wolf that entered Colorado in 2019 from the Snake River wolf pack in Wyoming.

    “The GPS collar will allow our biologists and wildlife managers to learn more about the travel patterns of wolves that are coming into the state,” said Dan Prenzlow, Director, Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “VHF collars are useful for locating an animal but the more advanced GPS collar will allow us to get a much better understanding of the animal’s movement, range and behaviors.”

    During the collaring effort, a CPW-contracted company netted the animal from a helicopter and used a tranquilizer so that a collar could be placed. The wolf was able to get loose from the net and headed north toward Wyoming. The animal was subdued just inside of the Wyoming state line. At that time, the wolf was collared and staff remained with it until it was alert and mobile. CPW staff notified Wyoming Game and Fish of the operation and the crossing of the border.

    “We appreciate Wyoming Game and Fish,” Prenzlow said. “I understand this work impacts them and wildlife don’t understand where our dividing boundaries are.”

    “The newly collared wolf is a four-year-old male weighing approximately 110 pounds,” said Brian Dreher, terrestrial section manager with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “The wolf was given a health exam during the collaring process and appears to be in good health.”

  10. The Deep State… want Wolves to control the game animal population…after they take our guns away…and/or…make revenue by selling you wolf tags…etc…
    when sheep & cattle become Wolf prey again…!??!
    Aren’t coyotes bad Enough…???…


  11. Wolves aren’t the problem, well intentioned people are the problem who aren’t impacted personally with the decisions they make or the poor policies they support. It is a situation of unintended consequences where a romantic notion was allowed to be implemented without a mature consideration of all outcomes. We will never be able to control the wolves now, it is over. Our deer, elk and moose will continue to be killed off. Just look at Yellowstone Park what a shame!!

  12. Eastman’s doomsday blog. Written very much like mainstream media covering politics. Sensationalism before fact. Let’s anger and divide. Could be a great facebook post!

  13. They want more immigrants to move here but the land is being used as feeding areas for wildlife.

    Fix: Add wolves, no hunting of bear or cats then destroy the ungulates, hoof rot and cwd, to open up the land for human habitation. Once there are no elk, deer or moose to hunt the land will be sold for humans to destroy.

    Bad thing is F&G and Biologists took the hook without any bait.

    Common sense has led us to this point in time.


    Lack of any sense has led us to this point in time.

  14. I’m 61 and getting fed up with all this bullshit! If your low-middle class; screwed taxpayer all your life ,paying for everyone elses mistakes you basically have no voice! Don’t get me wrong ;but we non-residents are paying more than our fair share for tags while residents pay minimum fees for better & more opportunities.Hunting shouldn’t be only for the richest sportsman& sportswomen with a bunch of phony endorsements! I think liberals have infiltrated Fish & Game agencys.Co.may have got me 2 Yrs. ago but probably won’t again; they can shuve their depradation tags up their liberal butts also! I think Co. is grossly mis-managing its public lands! Dave Junk-Ohio

  15. Oh,Our deer #’s are tanking in Ohio for avg. people,farm bureau and liberal deer seasons to blame!Congrats O.D.N.R.!

  16. cmon Eastmans get the real story, not your made up hear say version, we all VOTED against forced reintroduction of wolves, your state isnt exactly perfect when it comes to game management now is it?

  17. I had read about the wolf being chased from CO and tagged in WY before this came out. With this being a WY publication was very disappointed that the writers didn’t know Platte County, WY isn’t any where close to northwest CO. The ballot initiative to force introduction of wolves just barely passed in CO, another example of ballot box biology. They need to find out where most of the “in favor of” votes came from and cut services there as tax dollars are being used for this. At a time when the economy is bad due to Covid, this was a stupid thing to pass, now CO Parks & Wildlife are stuck. Unfortunately the liberal left is messing CO up, just like they did CA. .

  18. It’s platte valley not platte county. Like where the north platte crosses into Colorado south of Saratoga near the Carbon county Albany county border.

  19. Shoot, and shovel!

  20. Has anyone stopped to think about what will happen if singing attacks the grid and we have to survive in the wild? We will be the next meal for those wolves! Humans are to soft!

  21. Colorado is mess right now. The Liberals from CA and the East Coast are moving in here like never before. CPW is a complete joke of an operation that is run by our special governor, by appointing his people to the Wildlife Commission. These people are most definitely anti-hunters that will gladly take your money. Honestly, I don’t even kind of believe these election results! Dominion was headquartered in Denver and they are a part of the biggest voter fraud network the world has ever seen. I suspect Wolf reintroduction did not legally pass here. Those voting machines are fixed. Yes, we have some of the biggest Citidiots the world has ever known moving here. They wouldn’t know a cow from horse. Yes, they smoke a little too much weed to dumb themselves down and kill their very own brain cells! All that is true! And we’ve got guys like Mike Brown who covers unit 69 and 84 who is like the game warden version of super troopers. He claims to be a hunter but hates anyone who hunts based on personal experience I’ve had with him. CO has problems! I stand with Wyoming, and hope it gives CO Hell in every way imaginable! God is going to make things right, have some Faith. Common Law is coming.

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