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Hunting Saves Wolves…

Yep, the verdict is in once again – hunting is the most viable wildlife management tool known to man. I don’t care how people try to spin their anti-hunting, uneducated yarns, it is impossible to logically argue that the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is the most effective and successful wildlife management model known to mankind. 

When our system is allowed to work and kept out of litigation, wildlife managers can do their jobs very effectively and utilize sportsmen to be the REAL conservationists we are.

In a recent article in Oil City News out of Casper, WY, the Wyoming Game & Fish reports that wolf numbers in our state are being sustained within the 5 year delisting plan goals under the Endangered Species Act. Hunters are a necessary component of this success and are helping to keep wolf numbers at sustainable levels and mitigate conflicts on the landscape that wolves bring to not only ranchers, but also other sensitive wildlife species as well.

As I often quote Theodore Roosevelt, “The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak for themselves, so we must and we will.” Like I mentioned above, well-rounded wildlife management works when it is allowed to work. 

We all need to be informed members of the voting public about these issues and the importance of hunters on the landscape. Pass this on to others so everyone can learn the benefits of hunters managing wildlife populations.

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    I could NOT agree more! The issue is with the snowflakes in our country. They will never allow it in this day and age. Until their pet is killed or child is harmed they FLUFFY creatures we all should love.

  2. Liz will make sure to ruin your state. She single handly destroyed our freedom and Liberties.

  3. The concept is absolutely correct but when it comes to wolves the goal must be elimination the havoc they’ve done here in Wisconsin and the financial burden on the state paying for the loss of livestock and pets has been overwhelming to the state and the predation on deer and elk has been overwhelming on their populations and the fact that our DNR has been influtraded by animal rights activists to the point that an organization had to sue to get them to have our wolf season after de-listing wich was already mandated by law at the time of de-listing and just a little personal knowledge from how it is here in my neighborhood which was a reintroduction site if you do see a deer or 3 you won’t see them standing still for very long

    • Wolves were never reintroduced anywhere in Wisconsin. Looks like your brain has been ‘infultraded’ by garbage.

  4. 100% accurate factual data!

  5. The Wolf in the lower 48 was brought to final extinction by disease – mange ! Not trapping and hunting ! The disease was intentionally introduced. Let’s pray on our hands and knees some twisted person does not introduce these terrible diseases back into the Wolf and we have to start all over again ! The best method is managed harvest to keep things in check and balance.


      “The best method is managed harvest to keep things in check and balance.”
      100% correct. The north American wildlife module has been proven to be the best conservation in the world. Over and over.

  6. Kind of parallels the covid introduction to rein in mankind and exterminate Christianity and introduce moral decay!!

  7. Gays and children that haven’t a clue they are destroying mankind. 2.5 million will not have water this year and more idiots coming…Wolves eat 5lbs of meat everyday. Food sources are next.

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