The Elk Shot Placement Quiz: Win a Bowtech Reign!

Posted September 12, 2017 by Scott Reekers in General

Think you know shot placement on bull elk? We are betting a few of you do and we are also betting a few of you could use a brush up on this topic. As a little incentive to take this quiz Bowtech has offered to put their award winning Reign 6 on the line for one lucky quiz taker. You don’t even have to score 100% on the quiz, just complete it and you are in the drawing! Good luck on the quiz and even better luck this elk season, we hope you wind up with a full freezer and plenty of antler to match!

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Scott Reekers



    Haha. Says I need to study up on shot placement before heading into the field because I was not wanting to take some of the shots they were offering. Lucky for me my tag is already punched on a great MT bull. I just waited until he was safely broadside and pinwheeled him.


    Haha, i agree with Perry. Few of those would be worth waiting for. Miss a dot by an inch or deflect off a rib just a bit on some of those any shots and you have a gut shot elk.

    Vince Lindgren

    Would never have taken some of those shots however, knowing what they were fishing for, I ‘guessed’ accurately for a solid score. Will stick to my own instincts so I can continue to keep filling the freezer without the guilt of a poorly-placed shot!


    20+ years of bowhunting here and a lot of those dots were wrong. The one quartering away looking back, where all 3 dots were “ok” all three dots were too far forward, one lung at best. They need look where the arrow will exit which typically needs to be the off shoulder. This was very poor especially if beginners are looking at this for helpful advise.


    I must agree with others. Some of the shots listed here are just not viable shots given the conditions.

    Trever Greene

    Considering how long it has been since I hunted with a bow, and that ONE of the two questions I “missed” was one where ALL THREE were correct. I don’t feel like I did badly.

    Robert G. Bentley

    Looks like you just LOVE tracking wounded elk!

    T Hardenbrook

    Have to disagree with some of those shots you all sugest

    Michael Olsen

    That was fun. Thanks for the quiz.


    Got 6 out of 7 good quiz

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