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WYG&F Broke?

“The wolves, cougars and grizzly bears start to take a few more elk and moose each year as their unchecked populations grow and expand. The state does not react at first with cuts in the tag quotas. This would mean a decr...

Are You A Lazy Hunter?

By the title of this piece you may assume I’ll be heckling road hunters or maybe perhaps the weekend warriors that like to party and hunt. Or maybe the guys that aren’t in that great of shape because all they do is sit in a...

Preserving Antler Velvet In The Field!

Have you ever harvested a buck or bull that was still in velvet but weren’t sure how to preserve the velvet for a mount? This video tip will answer all of your questions on how to preserve the velvet in the field!

Keep a Cooler, Colder Longer!

Want to keep all of the items in your cooler colder, for a longer time? Press play to follow along and see some of the packing methods that we use here at Eastmans’ to keep our food cold and cool down meat from a successf...

Montana Mule Deer Hunt!

Hunt winner Jason Kiiskila hunts mule deer in Montana on this week’s webisode! Sit back press play and see what winning a subscriber hunt is like!