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The New MRS Layer in onX Hunt 4.0 App!

Two of the biggest names in western hunting have joined forces to bring you, the hunter, another high tech arrow for your quiver. Eastmans’ and onX Hunt have put their heads together to add the Eastmans’ Members Research Section (MRS) information as a layer for your onX 4.0 app. The …

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Arizona MRS Correction

“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” John Wooden In the spirit of “doing” we sometimes run before we walk and therefore stumble and fall. Just recently we discovered an error in our attempt to bring you the most up …

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The Secret Sauce…Hacking The System

Every hunter is looking for the secret sauce that allows someone to draw as many tags as possible on a regular basis. The problem with secret sauces is that they usually don’t actually exist. Grill masters recipes vary slightly but the winners in pit challenges are the cooks who can …

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Our Favorite Calibers!

We all have it. That one rifle that we can’t help but reach for inside the gun safe, the one we consider our most reliable. The one that because of our prejudice towards its accuracy and knock down power has a higher kill count than all the others. Here are …

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The 2017 Eastmans’ MRS Annual

What is the number one factor regarding successful western big game hunting? Whether we like it or not it is often the results of our tag applications. Now, I’m not saying that being up to snuff on fieldcraft, understanding big game behavior, scouting, gear, marksmanship and even physical fitness are …

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