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Colorado Application Explosion

Please Welcome All Your New Friends The Colorado numbers are out. In 2018, applications for sheep and goat are way, way up and your future draw odds will drop dramatically for bighorn sheep and goats. If you applied for Colorado Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep as a nonresident in 2017, you …

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Poaching Restitution: Is It Enough?

Do Convicted Poachers Pay Enough to Deter Others? All of us get frustrated when we hear about poachers violating the public trust and illegally taking the wildlife that we pay to see flourish and that every citizen has the right to enjoy. Law-abiding hunters that wait years to hunt that …

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Eastmans’ – The Story of Us

Our story begins with our grandfather Gordon Eastman and his adventure films that started in the 1950’s and showcased the wildlife of the North, the country they lived in and the grit it took to hunt them. From there, his son and our father, Mike Eastman created Eastmans’ Hunting Journals, …

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Airbows In Arizona?

Arizona Airbows – Yay or Nay? Just recently the Arizona Game and Fish Department set to reexamining rules, wording and definitions across a broad spectrum of topics but one that caught our eye was the proposed amendment to the department’s crossbow permit rule, see below. R12-4-216. Crossbow Permit The objective …

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