The Adventures Of Ranger Ralph: Usama Bin Watermelon

On this 4th of July weekend we hope all of you have a fantastic weekend celebrating our independence and enjoying this great country! Remember those who are overseas protecting that freedom and support them when they return! Ha...


Duck, Duck, Buck! Antelope Hunting with Ike Eastman

Join Ike Eastman in southern Colorado for his antelope hunt that goes down to the last minute of shooting of light! Choices, Choices, Choices-Picking The Right Scope Hilleberg Kaitum 2 Mountain House Meals Review

newsletter 7 15 WY draw results

What Really Happened In The Wyoming Big Game Draw?

Just 9%, remember that number. As most of you who applied for a tag in Wyoming now know, the odds are getting tougher than ever before to draw a top quality big game tag. With a sheep herd that is on the wane, a moose herd that...

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How Soon Is Too Soon…To Go Scouting?

By Aron Snyder The snow’s melting, spring run off is cranking and you’ve drawn your tag for the upcoming fall season! So now that you’ve got the tag, you’re going to need to start scouting but when is going to be the be...

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Tips And Tactics: Glassing Techniques and Strategies!

If you can’t find the game animals you have a tag for, you won’t be notching your tag. This may sound like an oversimplification, but that is the truth.  We have developed strategies for effective glassing that mak...


Coyote Archery Double Kill!

Hunting song dogs with a rifle is a challenge, let alone managing to deceive their eyes and doing it with a bow. Jordan Breshears was able to take not one, but two coyotes this past fall with his bow. It doesn’t get much ...


Guy Eastman’s Mongolia Ibex Hunt

Join Guy Eastman on his Ibex hunt in the high country of Mongolia. The terrain isn’t much different than the arid hills of Wyoming that he has calls home. Will the tactics used to hunt the big game animals of North Americ...

Super Tag

The Wyoming Super Tag and Super Tag Trifecta!

Super Tag Raffles Provide Wyoming Dream Hunts CHEYENNE, Wyoming — The inaugural Wyoming Super Tag raffle lived up to its expectations. All the winners of the big game raffle harvested animals with some being record-book a...

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Custom Accuracy Out Of Your Factory Rifle

By Jason Montagna The performance of rifles has increased over the past ten years and so has the price- to a point where a custom rifle is too expensive for many of us. So how can we get near custom performance on a working man...

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Do the Tag Draws Have You Distracted

  Let’s be honest here for a few minutes, every one of us has had a moment like this, where the anticipation for a big game draw is overwhelming. It is even worse if you are like me and apply in multiple states every...