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The Kryptek Vellus Series and Anorak Jacket

“Quiet and warm” is the mantra of the mid to late-season hunter and Kryptek answered with the new Vellus fleece system. These garments are created of windproof, waterproof, seam-sealed and highly breathable laminates sandwi...

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Weather and Antler Growth Forecast: California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington

This is a year of transition in the atmosphere and the result will have major implications for hunters across the West.  We’re coming off a super-El Nino event that dominated the Pacific Ocean last fall and winter – one of...

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Burning It Down: Will Fire Season Hurt Your Hunt?

As I prepared the last part of this year’s series on weather and antler growth for this season I didn’t feel like I would be doing you any favors unless I included information on the major fires that are burning across the ...


Raptorazor Giveaway!

Wouldn’t you like to try one of these blazing fast knives from Raptorazor? Check out the video to see just how fast you can break down an animal after the kill and sign up by entering your name and email address! One luck...


Tecnu Giveaway!

We have 3 Tecnu bags we are giving away and each one is filled with the following product: Medicated Anti-itch spray, Outdoor Skin Cleanser, Medicated Poison Ivy Scrub, Medicated Itch & Pain Relief Wipes and First Aid Ant...


Yeti Rambler Giveaway

Cold shock in 90 degree heat? It’s a good thing… Win these Yeti Rambler Bottles and experience it when you enter your name and email below. Don’t miss out! Loading…


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Which Boots Are Best For The Day Hunt?

If you asked 10 backpack hunters if they prefer a stiff or flexible boot, I’d guess you’d get 7 out of 10 preferring a stiffer set of boots. Now that’s not to say that a flexible set of boots won’t work for you, but bec...


New Mexico Bull Elk Hunt!

Archery elk season is just around the corner. My Halon is dialed in and the itch for a great elk hunt is starting to really drive me nuts. The good news is that there are a few lined up that based on conditions are shaping up v...