H-S Precision PLR

Shooting a rifle 1000 yards accurately isn’t supposed to be easy.  When shooting a tuned-in PLR (Pro-Hunter Long Range) in 6.5×284 from H-S Precision it sure felt like it!  Three of us on the Eastmans’ staff got to s...

Bull elk in winter

Elk and Their Battle With Old Man Winter

If there was ever one factor that changes the outlook for a hunting unit, it is an elk’s battle with Old Man Winter.  Winter kills more animals than any other factor and can have lingering effects on the population for m...


A Strategic Key for Killing Mature Deer

                  The most important lessons I learned about hunting mature mule deer came at an early age growing up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A buck is very predictable throughout ...

#3. Grizzly on ElkWeb

Will Western States Finally Manage Grizzly Bears?

The next predator battle is here and it’s not going to take long for this one to heat up.  Grizzly bears have recovered in Yellowstone according the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee and have healthy populations from No...


Guy’s Top 5 Wyoming Picks – Deer and Antelope

Guy’s Top 5 WY Picks – Deer and Antelope Wyoming Mule Deer Picks 1)   Area 102 2)   Area 105 3)   Region G 4)   Area 101 5)   Area 89  Best area with 3 points – Area 117 Best 0 point options – Areas 78, 7...


Hardcore Field Test – Yeti Coolers

Yeti Coolers: We have been getting a ton of questions about Yeti Coolers since we partnered with them for our Facebook gear giveaway. We started in May of 2012 with our “25 Years of Gear” giveaway and it finished in October...


Live Chat Recap: Wyoming Deer and Antelope

If you missed Guy Eastman’s live chat on our forum this recap is for you! From Musket Man: Q: Other than Region G what WY deer units should a NR with 3-5 points be looking at the next few years? A: That’s a very goo...

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.54.58 AM

So, What is Coyoting Out?

The first time I read Mike Eastman’s book Hunting High Country Mule Deer I was 19 years old and just starting to learn how to hunt big game. Eleven years later I believe that book changed the outcome of many of my hunts. The ...


Gear Junkies – Feed Your Addiction!

If you missed the live chat on our Forum last week, this blog is for you!  You will find Guy’s answers to the best questions he got regarding “Gear for the Hunt.”  So sit back, enjoy the gear chatter and maybe add a few...


L.L. Bean Technical Outerwear

Have you seen the latest technical outerwear from L.L. Bean?  Check out the video to find out more!