Antler Growth & Weather Forecast: MT, ID, UT

This is a year of transition in the atmosphere and the result will have major implications for hunters across the West.  We’re coming off a super-El Nino event that dominated the Pacific Ocean last fall and winter – one of...


Backcountry Safety & Rescue: Globalstar Products

Hiking deep in to the wilderness can challenge even the most experienced hunter or backpacker. Brandon Mason shares his favorite products to ensure peace of mind. These remote communication tools by SPOT could make the differen...


Pups Poached And Claimed Claws

If we want to have a case for keeping animals off of the endangered species list or getting them delisted, we have to win the battle of public opinion. The public opinion on hunting is largely indifferent. Except when stupid th...


Eastmans’ Firepit: Trophy Ram Poached

A Trophy Ram, 9-years old, was poached in Idaho in November of 2015 according to The Spokesman-Review.  The poacher was sentenced recently and has been banned from hunting for life in Idaho. The sentence may cross over to oth...


Finding Your Next Honey Hole

Finding a new hunting spot is one of the best skills a public land bowhunter can possess! If you can figure out how to locate quality trophies in different terrains, you can go anywhere and be successful. You can draw any tag f...

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RaptoRazor Gutless Field Test

Bowhunter Dan Pickar hammers an axis deer doe in Hawaii and uses the opportunity to test out the RaptoRazor knife system for the first time. This tool set is intended for quick and comfortable skinning and meat removal.


Advanced Backcountry Camping- Tips and Tactics

It’s that time of year again, scouting season. With that comes the July/August issue of EBJ or as all of you know it, The Backcountry Issue. As I am writing this the designers are putting the final touches on the issue and we...


A Guide’s Life: Question and Answer

 By Rachel Ahtila and Dan Pickar Questions for the adventurous soul who may want to become a guide.   How did you get into guiding? DAN: Growing up, the outdoor lifestyle, hunting and fishing was a way of life, I wanted to do...


Quick Relief From Bites And Stings!

This family-friendly and portable treatment for bites and stings is perfect for any outdoor adventure. Brandon Mason shares his experience with Bites and Stings, the latest product from Tecnu.


The Yeti Rambler Series

YETI Rambler stainless steel drink mugs are insulated by a double-wall vacuum to keep drinks hot or cold for hours. Ike Eastman shares his personal trauma after losing his favorite rambler. It’s easy to get attached to th...