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Carbon Precision: The Christensen Summit Carbon Rifle

Carbon fiber rifles and hunting the West are nearly synonymous. The reason is simple – save weight. As the old adage goes, “Ounces are pounds, and pounds are pain.” Christensen has been in the business of sparing you pain...


Elk, Elk, and more Elk!

We know most of you suffer from the same affliction that we have, we just can’t get enough of these animals! Elk fill the Rocky Mountains every fall with bugles, chirps and the occasional show down between mature bulls. P...

Bittersweet Buck

Bittersweet Buck

By Trent Doan I thought of the word “Bittersweet” when I found out that a lucky hunter this past mule deer season had taken a buck I had been watching for the past three years. This hunter turns out to have been watching th...

Public Land Selloff

Public Land Sell Off

70%. Let that number sink in for a few seconds before you go on reading this. Rarely, if ever do we find majority numbers like this, and yet this number is something that our elected officials need to remember. 70% of the hunte...


Eastmans’ Classic Footage: Non-Typical Bull Elk!

Years ago I had the opportunity to film these bulls on my way through Jackson. Are you a fan of non-typical elk? -Mike Eastman

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Of Wolves, Bears, and Birds

On a scrabble board the word regret will only yield you seven measly points, but in real life regret can come with an enormous price tag. In 1991 when my phone rang in my Indiana dorm room the voice on the other end of the line...

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Slow and Steady! EHJ Feature Story Preview!

Press play to listen to a preview of one of the great feature stories from this year’s sheep issue! Click the banner below to subscribe digitally and receive instant access to the largest western hunting publication on th...


Bear Homicide!

Check out this rare footage of a mature black bear reclaiming his territory over a much smaller immature bear! Most of us have heard that black bear boars are territorial, this footage shows just how brutal reality is in the wild!


The 2015 Hoyt Nitrum Turbo

If you are a fan of Hoyt bows, this review is for you. Make sure you are SUBSCRIBED to Eastmans’ Bowhunting Journal for the latest bow reviews from the largest bowhunting publication in the West!


EHTV Webisode: Colorado Elk Hunt with 2011 Hunt Winner Curt Tobias

Join 2011 Elk Hunt Winner Curt Tobias as he harvests a great bull in Southern Colorado!   To see Guy Eastman’s 2011 public land Wyoming elk hunt click HERE.