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A Father and Son Hunting Tradition! Wyoming Mule Deer!

Most of us started hunting when a relative or friend invited us to come along for the first time. If we were to narrow that down even further to the relative that was most likely to take us hunting it would probably be a father, or a father figure. It only seems fitting that the week before Father’s day we share a video on YouTube that has proven to be one of the most popular hunts from Eastmans’ Hunting TV year after year! Mike Eastman, founder of Eastmans’ Hunting Journals, and his son Ike have been hunting southwest Wyoming for mule deer for 20 years. Mike passed his knowledge of mule deer behavior and western hunting tactics on to Ike who has used it to harvest many trophies in multiple states year in and out.

The knowledge base grew for Ike and over the course of time the hunt in southwest Wyoming has turned into a family reunion with a healthy competitive nature as to who will kill the bigger buck. Follow along as the Eastman family celebrates their hunting heritage and the camaraderie that only family and friends know around the hunting campfire!

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Mike Eastman

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