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Check out this classic footage of Wyoming’s most famous mule deer! Popeye was a legend in his time on the Wyoming winter range and the standard bearer for what people consider a giant mule deer. Press play and watch some ...

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Stop The Poaching Insanity!

There must have been something in the water this hunting season in Montana! Wait a minute, it isn’t just Montana, it has happened everywhere across the West. Montana has just been unlucky enough to have two major poaching inc...


How To Use The MRS!

Rather than type up a long blog on what the MRS is and how to use it, how about we share it with you in a video! For your subscription to EHJ or EBJ CLICK HERE!


Old Time “Drop Tine Bucks”

If you are a fan of mature mule deer with drop tines on the winter range this video is for you! Press play to watch this classic footage from Mike Eastman!    

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Unlocking The Vault- Classic Footage and YouTube Exclusives!

2015 marks the start of something new and of course exciting in the digital world here at Eastmans’! We will be digging through the archives, to find our best hunts from the past and sharing them with you! Once a month we wil...

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The Eastmans’ Members Research Section!

Have you ever wondered what the Eastmans’ Members Research Section was? Press play if you want to find out!     Click HERE To SUBSCRIBE to get the MRS delivered to your mailbox! Click HERE if you want instant ac...

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Gifts so good you’ll want to keep them for yourself!

But if you’re NICE (not naughty) and share this the most… …we’ll GIVE you an early Christmas Gift-An Eastmans’ 18 Hunting DVD set. The most E-News forwards WINS. Winner will be announced, Monday, D...


Wolves Vacationing In The…Grand Canyon?

If any of you own a dog who has ever run away it will come as no surprise that a wolf from the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem has now traveled all of the way to – the Grand Canyon! To call this a well-traveled animal would be...


Happy Anniversary! 30 Years of the Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour!

Eastmans’ is proud to announce its 30-year anniversary season of Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour – First stop the RMEF Hunter Christmas Expo Eastmans’ Publishing, Inc. producer of Eastmans’ Hunting Journal, Eastmans’ Bow...

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Come See Us At The Show!

Eastmans’ attends numerous tradeshows and events across the western US each year to share the #1 magazines for hardcore western hunters, our latest books and DVDs and our jewel- the Eastmans’ Trophy Deer Tour. Hosted by Rog...