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Wyoming's hardest hit winter ranges from the winter of 2010-2011.

WY Mule Deer: Stop the MADNESS!!!

THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME- to change the season/quota/tag allocation structure for Wyoming’s mule deer licenses. Actually it’s long over-due, but play along with me a little bit here… We can’t change the...

50 years of wondering out here in the west this is a first for me. Watching a ram blow off his horn in a fight.

Ram Tough!



The Ice Box



Tactical Knee Pads For Hunting

Alta Industries Flex Military Tactical Knee Pads: As most of you know, I have one fake knee and the other is worn out. So when I’m antelope or mule deer hunting, it’s important that I have effective knee padding. This summ...


“Holy Humpies” Grizzly comes over for breakfast!

  Humpy wondered up to my deck and around the homestead this morning! I got up at 5:00 to start the fire and looked out and no tracks. Looked out again at 7:00 and the grizzly had walked up to the deck and went around to t...


The Predator Death Spiral…

We’re continuing to see an alarming trend in Western wildlife management. I am calling it the “Predator Death Spiral.” The underlying cause of this phenomena is when a wildlife agency attempts to hide or ̶...